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Personalized Gold Double States Outline Bracelet

Personalized Gold Double States Outline Bracelet

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Personalized Double States Bangle Bracelet with 18K Gold Plated - Great gift for long distance friends,graduation and more

You can have the state charm bangle bracelet done in sterling silver,18k gold plated,white gold plated and rose gold plated.

State Width: 25mm - 1 inch
Bangle Size:5.5”, 6”, 6.5”, 7”, 7.5”,8",8.5" (including monogram)
Thickness: 1.2mm - 0.05" inch
Material: 925 sterling silver

****How To Order****
Let us know the states you want at the note.

The other USA states or Countries available in this collection

1.Alabama -AL
2.Alaska - AK
3.Arizona- AZ
4.Arkansas - AR
5.California - CA
6.Colorado - CO
7.Connecticut - CT
8.Delaware- DE
9.Florida - FL
10.Georgia - GA
11.Hawaii - HI
12.Idaho - ID
13.Illinois- IL
14.Indiana- IN
15.Iowa -IA
16.Kansas - KS
17.Kentucky - KY
18. Louisiana - LA
19.Maine - ME
20.Maryland - MD
21.Massachusetts- MA
22.Michigan- MI
23.Minnesota - MN
24.Mississippi - MS
25. Missouri - MO
26.Montana- MT
27.Nebraska- NE
28.Nevada - NV
29.New hampshire - NH
30.New jersey - NJ
31.New mexico- NM
32.New york- NY
33.North carolina - NC
34.North dakota - ND
35.Ohio - OH
36.Oklahoma - OK
37.Oregon - OR
38. Pennsylvania -PA
39.Rhode island - RL
40.South carolina - SC
41. South dakota -SD
42. Tennessee -TN
43.Texas - TX
44.Utah -UT
45. Vermont- VT
46.Virginia - VA
47.Washington -WA
48.West virginia - WV
49.Wisconsin -WI
50. Wyoming -WY

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